Space Game Starter Kit


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Have you ever wanted to create a 3D space game, but weren’t sure where to start? Well, here’s how the Space Game Starter Kit can help your ideas come to life tonight:

  • Multiplayer support out of the box
  • Controllable with keyboard/mouse as well as the XBox 360 controller
  • Very flexible and tweakable damage, power generation, and shielding systems
  • Plasma beams and heat-seeking missiles as weapon examples
  • Simple yet powerful UI system (no need for any additional UI package; optimized for Android/iOS)
  • Planet shader lets you create your own unique looking planets with a few clicks of a mouse
  • Fully tweakable ship parameters — create anything from a slow, unwieldy cargo ship to a fast highly manuverable assault fighter
  • Asteroid shader automatically seamlessly textures rocks of all shapes and sizes (no UVs required!)
  • Real-time dynamic reflections on anything you like via a simple attachable script (Pro only)
  • Localized gravity example (space station)
  • Distortion shield effect
  • Control impairment on collision
  • Near miss detection
  • 3D HUD (no OnGUI used!)
  • Fancy targeting indicators
  • Even runs on Android and iOS (with appropriately limited functionality)

All of that in clean, easy to understand and well-optimized code.

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  1. good, thanks