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Other Packages / Re: Fog of War in Unity Basic (non pro)
« on: January 26, 2014, 02:15:31 PM »
Okay, it took some figuring out but I have it working. (I want to post what I did when I have some more time)

My game is using the 2D physics engine so I had to change FOWSystem.cs to recognize 2D colliders, and that works. However I think the shaders you gave me sample the fog assuming the height map is along the y axis? And 2D colliders just won't work that way.

I'm looking through the shaders trying to confirm that is my (new) issue or not. It seems reasonable but I don't understand shaders enough to read them yet.

I will also try to send Tasharen my adaptation for 2D FoW when I have it working perfectly because I believe anyone buying this deserves to have that as well.

Thank you, updates to come.

Other Packages / Fog of War in Unity Basic (non pro)
« on: January 19, 2014, 03:06:57 PM »
I have trying to get Tasharen Fog of War to work using Unity Basic (non pro version)
I have the example scene loaded and the red capsules disappear like they should when the green capsules are not able to see them. However: the terrain is not being shaded as unexplored.(Image attached)

I took a look at the officially recommended instructions from shiva.js here:

Which are incredibly vague, it recommends that I "add the following to your environment shader/s"
without actually explaining where to find those shaders or where to add the following code to.

Is there any documentation or official instructions on how to use or troubleshoot this product? Not that I have found.

So far Tasharen Entertainment is disappointing me in terms of purchase satisfaction.

Please help me in locating a clear explanation on how to get Tasharen Fog of War to work with Unity basic. I'm prototyping at the moment so I don't even care if it just blacks out the unexplored areas.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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