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I add a TweenAlpha Component and my Monobehaviour Tip Component onto a GameObject. When I add a OnFinished method to TweenAlpha, sth wrong: "Could not find method 'GetComponentsInChildren' on Tip".  But I add the method HideSelf() from Tip Monobehaviour.  It seems that NGUI mixed up the assigned method.
The similar thing happens to UIButton Click Method.
Nothing like this happens in NGUI 3.9.2....
Who can tell me what's wrong ?

I have tried  UIDrawCall.Count(panel) ,  panel.drawCalls.Count. They all return 0, both in run time and editor mode.
so, can anybody tell me how to get UIPrefab's drawcall through Script?

ps. I know I could use NGUI Drawcall Tool to see the drawcall. But I would like to get all the data through script automatically not just one by one through NGUI DrawcallTool.

Thanks for hints from ArenMook.
I also read source code about UIDrawcallViewer of NGUI.
Select the GameObject in  Hierarchy then the UIDrawcall.Count(Panel) can work.

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