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NGUI 3 Support / UIPopupList closes immediately at low frame-rates (PC).
« on: January 16, 2015, 07:21:48 PM »
Hi Aren,

As suggested in the title, we discovered an issue where our Popup Lists close themselves right after being opened when the FPS drops below ~10 frames. Obviously, we're trying to fix the performance issues causing the game to run so sluggishly, but in the meantime I wanted to at least make sure you knew about the issue.

The affected popup lists happen to be for our graphical settings. We're finding users will set the options too high, then be unable to interact with the popup lists due to the ensuing framerate problems. Kind of hilarious, actually.

Anyway, have you encountered this before? Any ideas about working around it?

Hi Aren,

Since upgrading from 3.0.8 to 3.7.6, we've started seeing problems where our UI doesn't show up on screen. Looking in scene view, panels simply aren't correctly lined up with our UI cameras.

The symptom looks like this, in a fresh scene (note, in a fresh project with only nGUI imported, I couldn't reproduce the issue).

In our project, it looks like this:

As you can see, something is very wrong.

Weirdly enough, restarting Unity *sometimes* fixes the issue. Sometimes it doesn't, though. And when it seems fixed, later on it breaks again for reasons I can't seem to understand.

Based on the symptoms, do you have any ideas about how I might go about fixing this problem?

NGUI 3 Support / Anchor offsets changing inexplicably at runtime
« on: November 10, 2014, 08:29:51 PM »
Recently upgraded from version 3.0.9 to 3.7.6 and found that one of our UI elements has some very strange behavior during runtime.

Here's what the anchoring and sprite look like in editor. I've tried anchoring it a few different ways (normal offset or based off current position, for example).

However, at runtime this is what happens. Note how the battery is skewed. It's caused by the offsets you see in the inspector. If I reset those all back to the in-editor values, it looks fine.

I'm observing this in Unity 4.5.4f1.

It's worth noting that (as far as I can tell) we're not modifying anything related to this sprite's position / scale, or its parent's scale, besides calling MakePixelPerfect during initialization.

What could be causing this? As I mentioned above, this only started happening after upgrading to the latest version.

I would be *extremely* grateful for any help tracking down and solving this issue.

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