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Other Packages / Equilibrium5 (SGSK,TNet,NGUI Project) Help Thread
« on: January 13, 2015, 11:07:56 AM »
Hi Guys

I want to use this Thread for the upcoming Problems relating to my Project. I will shortly explain what i want to do, and then add the Questions that will come up.

I want this Game to be a persistent Online World. You have a Spaceship with Cargo and Upgrade Slots. The first Level is the inner Solar System with the Sun in the
middle, and the Planets Mercury,Venus,Earth and Mars. The Scale is 1:10000, 1Unity Unit=1km. I will Add the Astoeroid Belt and Jupiter Later. After Jupiter the Level
will end because Jupiter is about 778Mio km away from the Sun and i found out that everything with more than 100000 Unity units will not work properly in the Editor.
(So Jupiters Position will be at about 77000 UUnits).
The Game will have Space Stations too, so you can fight, mine Asteroids, trade, and maybe produce Items (as Upgrades for the ships).
I use Unity 5 beta18 and i have installes NGUI,Tnet and the SGSK i got from from Michael.
I have a rented Virtual Server with a fixed IP and the important ports open where the Server Programm runs.

So far the Core functionally works. But now i have 2 Questions:

(Solved) 1. When i login with two Payers every Player can see the "target cross" of the other Player. See the Picture inclusive the found Solution:

(Maybe Solved) 2. When i open the Projekt i get Error Messages. They dont seem to do any harm, but maybe someone could tell me how to get rid of them:

I intend to contine showing the Problems and the Solutions that i have with my Project, so others Beginners like me can learn too.

Thats it for now. Any Help would be greatly appreciated.

regards, Michael

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