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Until NGUI3.9.4 is , but was stuck in quite right end without an extra scroll when it is set to Momentum, which is the operation that sticks to the end from moving once from NGUI3.9.6.

Please tell me how to be the same operation as NGUI3.9.4.

How to reproduce
1 . Put ScrollView. Size (200,160), SoftClip, Softness is set to 0 . DragEffect is to Momentum. Movement is to Vertical.
2 . Put the Grid to the child of ScrollView. CellHeight is 40 . Arrangement is to Vertical. Constrain to Panel put the check in .
3 . Put the Label to the child of the Grid. To attach a Collider and DragScrollView. The Size to ( 200,40 ) .
4 . Label the four Duplicate the . That five of the label at all has become a child of the Grid.
5 . Try running

We made a project for the test .
Please try to put the assets of NGUI.

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