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I'm trying to make a copy of the Example 3, but my panel doesn't move far enough when the animation plays. The front panel moves, but the back panel only moves half as far as it should. The back panel should be resetting back to it's initial 0,0,0

NGUI 3 Support / sending input to other classes
« on: May 10, 2013, 10:01:42 PM »
Pardon me if this topic has been covered well in this forum; I am a new member although I purchased NGUI 10 months ago. It's so overwhelming to switch from the OnGUI functions that I have created throughout my game project. I have a lot of functionality that is built in to my project which relies on lots of input from the GUI.

I want to switch my entire project to NGUI and remove all of Untiy's Native GUI. I don't quite understand the information flow. If I have 3 input labels and a button, how can I link that button to send the information from the labels to another place. I used to have it so that the OnGUI functions had references to other objects which would interperet the data. Is this the best way with NGUI? I'm seeing all kinds of function delegates and message sending that I don't really understand. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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