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NGUI 3 Documentation / Re: Property Binding (data binding)
« on: January 27, 2015, 05:52:12 PM »
Thx Coeing, looks like interesting, but I prefer to keep focus on my actual framework (StrangeIoC).

Alright, no problem :) If you have some hints what definitively shouldn't miss in a data binding asset (i.e. what you really like about StrangeIoC), I'm always open for feedback.

NGUI 3 Documentation / Re: Property Binding (data binding)
« on: January 22, 2015, 03:16:24 AM »
Hi @vikti,

I just developed a little asset for the Unity Asset Store to handle the data binding between the (game) logic and the presentation (e.g. the UI) side. It should be available in the Store soon, here's a bit of documentation: It works with NGUI and Unity UI as well. Here's the not yet updated Unity forum thread:

If it looks interesting for you, let me know, I could send you a free version to test with. I'm currently looking for feedback from other developers to check if my tool contains everything it needs.


Great, thanks!

NGUI 3 Support / Re: My Big List of Anchor Complaints
« on: May 05, 2014, 11:56:03 AM »
It's very easy to reproduce actually:

- New scene
- Created a NGUI 2D UI with NGUI -> Create -> 2D UI
- Created a widget under the UI Root with NGUI -> Create Widget
- Set Scaling Style of UIRoot to FixedSize and Manual Height to 1080
- Anchored Widget to UIRoot (Unified, OnUpdate, Left to Left, Right to Right, Top to Top, Bottom to Bottom, absolute offsets all 0)
- I have the scene and game view open. The game view is set to 1920x1080 resolution fix.
- If I now resize the game view (resolution still at 1920x1080), the local Y position of the widget transform changes as well as the height dimension of the UIWidget component.

I tried to debug the issue a bit and got till the NGUITools.GetSides (this Camera cam, float depth, Transform relativeTo) which gives different sides each time the game view is resized. Maybe this info helps with debugging :)

I use the "Explicit" Render Q setting to set the sorting order as this field doesn't show up in the other settings. I need to set the sorting order to do the sorting between NGUI and some other addons we use (e.g. Spine, mesh texts,...).

As reported the labels are rendered behind my sprites then. As a workaround I set the sorting order while having "Explicit" selected and than switch back to "StartAt" or "Automatic". This way I get the correct sorting order and render queue as well.

So my question: Why is the sorting order field hidden in the other render queue settings except "Explicit"? What was the reason for this decision?

NGUI 3 Support / Re: NGUI, 4.3 and new Sortyng Layers
« on: April 25, 2014, 11:37:55 AM »
It has already been included over a month ago. As mentioned, you can specify  it on the panel when the render queue is set to explicit.

Yes, I saw the sorting order property. What I was talking about is the possibility to define the sorting layer as well.

NGUI 3 Support / Re: My Big List of Anchor Complaints
« on: April 25, 2014, 11:33:28 AM »
@makeshiftwings: Sounds like I should add some different float comparison logic in some places.

@ArenMook: Have you had time already to look into this issue? I have those tiny little changes in the scene file as well only by loading and saving the scene. If it helps, these are the fields which change:
  • Transform.LocalPosition, changes by < 1.0
  • UIWidget.mHeight (Stretched to screen size), changes by +/-1 pixel

Looks like some floating point issue as you already mentioned.

NGUI 3 Support / Re: NGUI, 4.3 and new Sortyng Layers
« on: April 23, 2014, 08:36:17 AM »
@Clarens: Thanks for sharing your patch, I will try it in our project. We need to sort our NGUI elements with Spine models and some bitmap texts which are rendered by mesh renderers. I used the render queue before but in my opinion the sorting layers are a great way to achieve the sorting in a 2D game. Here is a good answer which explains the difference between the two:

@ArenMook: I'm sure there are many important features to add to NGUI, but it would be great to include the sorting layer property for UIPanels in one of the next versions :)

NGUI 3 Support / Re: Problems with UISlider
« on: April 04, 2014, 05:03:44 AM »
I just notice this.
I think UISlider should support radial sprites.
Doing the script isn't hard, but IMO should support it.

I agree. Copying the script is possible, but it would be cleaner in my opinion to have an option for the slider direction to just use the sprite settings instead of overwriting them.

NGUI 3 Documentation / Re: Property Binding (data binding)
« on: March 31, 2014, 10:14:49 AM »
Great new feature, thanks! :) Looking forward how it will evolve!

Currently I am using NData ( to do this job, you probably already know it. But an integrated solution sounds much better.

In the end I hope this will properly divide the view itself from the view logic as in the MVVM pattern. Do you have already any plans where the feature should go?

NGUI 3 Support / Re: UIPopUpList display
« on: June 20, 2013, 04:50:29 AM »
I am having this issue. The only two atlases are the background of the dialog and the popup list (same atlas) and the atlas for the font.

Some of the text from the dialog is showing in front of the text entries of the PopupList. Adjusting the Z of the popup list doesn't seem to help.

Hi NaxIonz,

I had the same issue today. The thing is, that you need another panel which contains the popup list. The drop-down will be placed on this panel then as well:

- Widget A
- Widget B
- Popup List Panel
-- Popup List
--- Popup List Label
--- Popup List Sprite
- Widget C
- Widget D

The reason for this is, that the sprites are drawn in one draw call and the dynamic font is drawn in another one. The elements in one draw call always have the same z coordinate.

But when you have an open drop-down list, you want some of the texts drawn below the drop-down list background (the texts from the other widgets) and some above it (the texts from the items in the drop down list). So you will need four draw calls, first the two of the main panel and then the two for the popup list.

@ArenMook: Please correct me if I explained something wrong :) Maybe a hint would be nice somewhere as it isn't obvious immediately.

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