Author Topic: Paged ScrollView with support screen size changes and prev/next buttons  (Read 1393 times)


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I want to create paged scroll view with dynamically changed list of objects on every page based on screen size, even if screen (window) size change on the fly. Example screenshots see in attachments. Last page may not be filled entirely. Buttons from the left and right side should cause swipe to the left and right by page. Dotted scroll bar on the bottom should be updated when window size changed. Number of items on page changed too base on window size. UIGrid is not inappropriate for this case. When I try to write my own Grid I have many problems as well as with scroll bar updating on screen resize. Maybe there is more simple solution? How to make it easy, fast and stable?


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All UIGrid does is repositions its children into a grid-like structure. If you know how many rows and columns you want, you can do a simple "for" loop, or a pair of "for" loops to position your children yourself via code.