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Want release notes from versions prior to 2.0.0? You can find them here.

- NEW: Redesigned the way UIDragCamera and UIDragPanelContents work, making them much more straightforward.
- NEW: New widget has been added: Scroll Bar. It does exactly what you think it does.
- NEW: UIDraggableCamera script is used on the camera to make it draggable via UIDragCamera.
- NEW: UIDraggablePanel script is used on the panel to make it draggable via UIDragPanelContents.
- NEW: UIDraggablePanel natively supports scroll bars with "always show", "fade out if not needed" and "fade in only when dragging" behaviors.
- NEW: Scroll View (DragPanel) and Quest Log examples have been updated with scroll bars.
- NEW: Reorganized all examples to be in a more logical order -- starting with the basic, common functionality and going up from there.
- NEW: Localization will now try to automatically load the language file via Resources.Load if it wasn't found in the local list.
- NEW: Atlas Maker tool now allows you to turn off trimming of transparent pixels before importing certain sprites.
- NEW: Atlas Maker tool now allows you to specify how much padding is applied in-between of sprites.
- FIX: EditorPrefs are now used instead of PlayerPrefs to store editor-related data.
- FIX: Popup list will no longer try to call SendMessage in edit mode.
- FIX: UIEventListener.Add is now UIEventListener.Get, making the function make more sense with the -= operator.
- DEL: Scroll View example that was using UIDragObject has been removed as it's now obsolete.

- NEW: UIDraggablePanel will now display the bounds of the draggable widgets as an orange outline in the Scene View.
- NEW: Added a 'repositionNow' checkbox to UIDraggablePanel that will reset the clipping area using the children widget's current bounds.
- NEW: It's now possible to specify horizontal and vertical axis names for UICamera.
- FIX: UICamera will no longer process WASD or Space key events if an Input Field is currently selected.
- FIX: UIDraggablePanel's 'startingDragAmount' was renamed to 'startingRelativePosition', for clarity.
- FIX: UICheckbox will now set the checkmark state immediately on start instead of gradually.
- FIX: UISlider will now always force-set its value value on start.
- FIX: UIInput.text will now always return its own text rather than that of the label (works better with captions).
- FIX: Setting UIInput.text now sets the color of the label to the active color.

- FIX: UIButton series of scripts will now correctly disable and re-enable their selected state when the game object is enabled / disabled.
- FIX: SpringPanel will now notify the Draggable Panel script on movement, letting it update scroll bars correctly.
- FIX: UIDraggablePanel will now lose its momentum every frame rather than only when it's being dragged.
- FIX: UIDraggablePanel will no longer reset the panel's position on start.
- FIX: UIDraggablePanel.ResetPosition() now functions correctly.
- FIX: UIDraggablePanel.UpdateScrollbars() will now only adjust the position if the scroll bars aren't being updated (ie: called from a scroll bar).
- FIX: 3D UIs will now be created with a proper anchor offset.

- NEW: UIButtonSound now allows you to specify pitch in addition to volume.
- FIX: UIDraggablePanel will now update the scroll bars on start.
- FIX: UITweenScale will now start with a scale of one instead of zero by default.
- FIX: UIInput will now ignore all characters lower than space, fixing an issue with mac OS input.
- FIX: UITexture will no longer lose its material whenever something changes.
- FIX: Reworked the way the mouse is handled in UICamera, fixing a couple of highlighting issues.


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