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Latest Version: 2018.3 (December 13, 2018)

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- NEW: You can now mark panels as static using the new "widgetsAreStatic" flag if you know that its widgets won't move/rotate/scale, for an added performance boost.
- NEW: Added UIButton -- same as UIButtonColor, but has a disabled state.
- NEW: Added the OnDoubleClick event. Same as OnClick, just sent on double-click.
- FIX: UIDraggablePanel should now have noticeably better performance with many widgets.
- FIX: All private serializable properties will now be hidden from the inspector.
- FIX: UITooltip is now more robust and automatically uses background border size for padding.
- FIX: UILabel inspector now uses a word-wrapped textbox.
- FIX: UIButtonPlayAnimation and UIButtonTween now have an event receiver (on finished).
- FIX: UIGrid no longer modifies Z of its items on reposition.
- FIX: Only one Localization class is now allowed to be present.
- FIX: UILabel should now have a bit better performance in the editor.
- FIX: UISprite's MakePixelPerfect setting now takes padding into account properly.

- NEW: Added support for custom-defined symbols (emoticons and such) in fonts.
- NEW: Added NGUI menu -> Make Pixel Perfect (Alt+Shift+P), and NGUI Menu -> Add Collider is now Alt+Shift+C.
- NEW: Added OnActivate condition to tweens and active animations.
- NEW: It's now possible to have a UITable position items upwards instead of downwards.
- NEW: It's now possible to have a "sticky" tooltip specified on UICamera, making it easier for tooltips to show up.
- NEW: UIInput will now send out OnInputChanged notifications when typing.
- NEW: Added TweenVolume script you can use to tween AudioSource's volume.
- FIX: Fixed what was causing the "Cleaning up leaked objects in scene" message to show up.

- NEW: Added support for fonts packed into separate RGBA channels (read: eastern language fonts can now be 75% smaller).
- NEW: UITooltip is now a part of NGUI's core rather than being in examples, allowing you to use it freely.
- NEW: Submit and cancel keys can now be specified on the UICamera (before they were hardcoded to Return and Escape).
- FIX: Unity should no longer crash when a second widget is added to the same game object.
- FIX: UIDrawCall no longer updates the index buffer unless it needs to, resulting in increased performance.
- FIX: UIDrawCall now uses double-buffering, so iOS performance should increase.
- FIX: You can now specify whether symbols are affected by color or not (or if they're processed for that matter).
- FIX: Fixed an issue with highlighting not returning to highlighted state after press.

- NEW: You can now specify what keyboard type will be used on mobile devices.
- NEW: You can now add input validation to your inputs to exclude certain characters (such as make your input numeric-only).
- FIX: Packed fonts no longer tie up the alpha channel, and can now be affected by alpha just fine.
- FIX: Clipped panels will no longer cause the unused material message in the console.
- FIX: 3D UIs should now be created with a proper anchor offset.
- FIX: UISliderColors will now work for more than 3 colors.
- FIX: UIPanel will no longer cause a null exception at run time.

- NEW: Packed fonts now have clipped version of shaders, making them work with clipped panels.
- NEW: You can now specify the maximum number of lines on UILabel instead of just multiline / single line option.
- NEW: UIButton's disabled color can now be specified explicitly.
- NEW: Tweens and animations now have OnDoubleClick and OnSelect events to work with as well.
- NEW: It's now possible to control the volume used by all UI sounds: NGUITools.soundVolume.
- NEW: You can now delay a tween by specifying a start time delay.
- NEW: You can now disable multi-touch on UICamera, making all touches be treated as one.
- NEW: MakePixelPerfect is now in NGUITools, not NGUIMenu.
- FIX: UIImageButton won't switch images anymore if the script is disabled.
- FIX: Starting value in Localization will no longer overwrite the explicitly switched languages.


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