Author Topic: How can a client start a dedicated server on a remote machine?  (Read 2362 times)


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I am starting to use TNet in my project and now I naturally have a lot of questions.

1) I have a Raspberry Pi here running the TNServer.exe in Linux Mono. However, reading the docs, my understanding is that this machine could only host the Lobby, not a Game Server?

What I want is that a Client can connect to a Lobby and then start a dedicated server on a remote machine, connect to it and then other clients can join in.

Does TNet just not have this functionality?

2) I can compile some "Hello World" example .cs file using mcs on the Pi. I can not compile the ServerMain.cs. It compains that the TNet and related files/classes can not be found.

Do I have to re-arrange some folders so that the compiler finds the folders and files? Or do I have to go deeper (which propably is above my beginner level Linux skills)?
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Re: How can a client start a dedicated server on a remote machine?
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2015, 05:43:49 PM »
1. Windward has more than one game server running on a Raspberry Pi. I had 316 players connected to my home PC using 200 MB RAM and 4.5% CPU -- it's not a raspberry pi, but should give you an idea of how few resources TNet's server actually needs.

What you described -- client connects to a lobby, starts a server and joins it is what Starlink does, except that I am not clear on "remote machine" part. You can only start a server on your own machine. You can't just start a server on a random machine. I am not clear on what you want here.

2. Yes, check the solution file that comes with TNetServer.