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UIButton not work in Display 2


I'm using NGUI 3.11.2 and my project have two display 1 & 2.
When I add UIButton to Display 1 everything is okie but when I change Camera => Target to Display 2 can't detect hover or click.  :(

Have any way to fix it? Thank you very much.

NGUI doesn't know anything about displays. It works exclusively with cameras. Events go through cameras. Off the top of my head there isn't much I can think of to suggest to check. I am not familiar with how different display targeting works in Unity. All I can suggest is write a script that will print the mouse position and see what it's like when targeting your secondary display.


--- Quote ---Only the atlas should use truecolor. Background doesn't have to (which is another reason I suggest moving it out of your atlas).
--- End quote ---

If the background isn't truecolor, though, wouldn't it get fuzzy?  it's still part of the UI.  Won't iOS use PVRTC and make it look crappy?


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