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Widgets not appearing in game or editor
« on: December 08, 2012, 12:21:03 AM »
Hi everyone,

I searched around quite a bit and haven't found anyone else who's had this problem...

I had accidentally deleted NGUI from my project and now whenever I try to create any widget in my scene, nothing shows up. Not even the little green outlines that usually show up when you double click on objects.

I've tried deleting NGUI from the project again and then importing the newest version from the Asset store... same deal.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks all!

ETA: The widgets aren't even showing up in the example projects included with NGUI... Are my atlases just super messed up?

ETA2: Figured it out myself... feel very silly. In case anyone else has the same problem: the material/textures got unassigned from the prefab and atlas shader.
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