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Email reply:
« on: May 21, 2012, 11:42:45 AM »
When getting in touch with me, always use the forum first (unless it's a private matter). Quite frequently the emails I send out bounce. For example this one:

I am a single person game designer for Android.  I can't have the huge
overhead from unity UI and love the ease of your product and tools
that go with it. However when I build a app to android I get UIs that
flash or flicker so I looked at forums and read your docs only to find
a little snippets saying to put all UIs on their own depth.  I use the
depth for most everything unless I have a separate UI then I use z
axis.  I cannot get it to work for an app as simple a one text and no
objects in the scene without flickering. I am using the free version
to decide if I want to buy the full version. Is this designed into the
free version to keep people from using it as a full or am I doing
something wrong. I have unity 3.5.2f and a HTC incredible phone. Thank
you for any assistance.

My response:

I believe the free version doesn't work on mobiles correctly. It's quite old. There will be an updated version eventually (possibly even later this week), but for the time being only the full version will work properly and is actually supported.