Author Topic: versions of the game since amazon free app of the day promotion?  (Read 2780 times)

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Firstly, thank you for making this game, I'm impressed with the quality from such a small team and on such a short development cycle, and if there's any more info I can give to help playtest or trouble shoot anything below, just let me know.

I'm a bit confused about the version history of this game since getting it during Amazon's free app of the day promotion.

Amazon's app store doesn't show me any updates are available. I appeared to be running build 138 despite seeing both the Amazon and Google app stores showing the program version as 1.41, and despite reading here that versions 139 and 140 exist.

I never saw players online over the Internet, and after reading posts on this forum, I figured it was something wrong with the Amazon version.

So I tried uninstalling and getting it from the Google play store instead. That too appeared to be build 138, but the lite version, so I uninstalled again and reinstalled from the Amazon app store.

I now again appear to be running build 138, but the difficulty levels are renamed (and the tip of the day about tried the easier difficulties until having 10+ points doesn't use the new names).

When trying to introduce the game to a friend for LAN play between my android and her win 7 pc (not within a browser with unity), I have to host to start the game because her lite version doesn't seem to allow it, but within a minute or two of playing together it will kick me out saying "defeated," and continue to let her play against the computer (until I rejoin mid-game only to get kicked again the same way).

Bluetooth doesn't appear to be a usable button in the menus even between two android phones who both got the Amazon free app of the day version. (Possible difference of version: I uninstalled and reinstalled as mentioned above, and my opponent hadn't)

I also do not see the option to go from the 12 ability points I have to 14.

What versions of the game are latest for the Android, iOS, and Windows?
 How do we get and upgrade each?
Which communications methods between devices work, don't work, or are better than others?

Thanks again, and looking forward to hearing from you


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Re: versions of the game since amazon free app of the day promotion?
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2013, 08:32:32 PM »
138 is the internal number. I chose not to increment it because doing so would make it not possible to play with others who are running an earlier version of the game. 138 is still used by PC/Mac/Linux and iOS.

Google Play version has the option to go from 12 points to 14 via an optional in-app purchase. PC, Mac, and Linux versions come with the 14 point cap by default (as they cost $5) instead of $2 like on mobile devices.

In regards to you getting the "defeated" screen -- can't say I've ever seen that happen. You only get that screen if you hit the "X" button in the top left corner, or if the match actually ends.

Bluetooth isn't enabled as it's not yet finished (and I am currently uber busy at my day job).

The absolute latest version is 1.42, which will be released this weekend. The latest released version is 1.41 on Amazon and Google Play, 1.38 everywhere else. Internally it will still say "138".