Author Topic: Widgets within clipped UI panels not revealed when panel clipping size changes  (Read 1583 times)


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We have several clipped panels in our application where the clipping height of the panel is increased with a tween in order to reveal contained elements.

This works fine on all iOS and most Android devices, but on many Android devices we've found that some contained elements are invisible once the panel has expanded to the point where they should be visible. In most cases, switching the clipping mode to Soft Clip fixes the issue but even then some devices still have the issue.

We've found that the following devices fail to reveal contained elements when the panel clipping mode is set to Alpha Clipping:
Nexus 7 (4.2.2)
Nexus One (4.1.2)
Galaxy S4 (4.2.2)
Galaxy S3 (4.1.2)
Xperia ZL C6506
HP TouchPad

The following devices continue to fail to reveal contained elements when the panel clipping mode is set to Soft Clipping:
Xperia ZL C6506

Our guess is that these devices have some sort of GPU optimization that culls elements contained in a clipped panel, and that this culling is not correctly disabled when the panel size expands.

Any suggestions on how to fix the issue?

Thanks in advance!


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Make sure you are not scaling anything down to zero. That's about the only thing I can think of that would cause this kind of a problem. Well, that, and having the "widgets are static" flag turned on on the panel.