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NGUI3.0.5 confuses perforce source control

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Hello, everyone
Our project used Unity4.2 and NGUI2.6.1e, and we worked with perforce well until updating to NGUI3.0.5.
NGUI3.0.5 seems to modify prefabs automatically, and that will lead to perforce checkout all UI prefabs even no any changing......
I suppose this caused by NGUI Upgrated tool, but my guess is wrong, it still checkout all UI prefabs after I delete the tool.
Could anyone tell me how I stop this function?

Going from NGUI 2 to 3 you will need to update prefabs, but once they are updated / saved nothing should touch them again.

I just open all scenes, save and apply all prefabs, but all UI prefabs are still checkout by perforce, even no anything is changed.

If I use "P4 diff" to see what is changed, I can find all end of line are changed to \n, the UNIX style EOL, and our project is developed under WINDOWS, \r\n EOL.

P4 server is just use UNIX EOL to save all "text" type files, and change to local EOL when download files to local, here is WINDOWS EOL.

The odd situation is all local UI prefabs are change to UNIX EOL when I just open and close unity once, NGUI seems to change them automatically, even no thing is changed.

I think NGUI open and save the prefab once during checking, does it is? Can I close this check function?

Thanks for reply.

No, NGUI doesn't do this. Prefabs contain disabled scripts. No scripts actually run on prefabs. The only way scripts execute on prefabs is if you at the very least select them so they show up in inspector.

I can confirm that we're having the same problem; since we upgraded large numbers of prefabs are being automagically checked out when opening a project in Unity (without doing anything to it) - some can be "revert unchanged", some can not as the first poster pointed out.
It's a real pain in the back side tbh, can we provide any more information to help you identify the cause?


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