Tasharen Entertainment Inc.
Based in Toronto, Ontario

Founding date:
November 18th, 2011


Press / Business contact:



33 Laurentian Blvd
Maple, ON, L6A 2V7



Tasharen Entertainment is a small independent company based in of Toronto, Ontario. Tasharen first game on Steam -- Windward -- sold close to 400,000 copies as of the end of 2017.



Since its inception in 2011 and for most of its life, Tasharen has been a 1-man studio founded by Michael Lyashenko. Tasharen's first project was supposed to be a sci-fi game, which needed a UI system. This led to the creation of NGUI -- a tool for the Unity engine that became so popular it consumed most of the time that was available to be spent on development since its initial release in December of 2011. With NGUI's success quickly snowballing, further game development plans were put on hold for a few months in order to develop the features desired by the Unity's community.


Tasharen's first game turned out to be Windward's 2012 prototype -- a fast-paced arena-based naval combat game created alongside (and using) NGUI in 2012. Unfortunately for its development, certain decisions were made that led to the project being put on hold in October of 2012 with plans to restart the project in the future.


In 2013 Tasharen released its first mobile game called "Starlink" for iOS and Android devices (with Windows, OSX and Linux versions also available from tasharen.com). Starlink is a strategy game where players control a small galaxy of stars producing ships that players can direct to capture other stars and take over the opposing factions. With multiplayer support as well as both local and online coop modes it proved to be fairly popular among Android gamers.


Windward's development was restarted (almost) completely from scratch in August of 2014 with the goal of releasing on Steam via its Early Access program. Gone were the PvP arena maps, replaced with large procedurally generated worlds filled with RPG-style content. The shift from arena combat to a sandbox game proved to be far more popular than the original prototype, selling close to 400,000 copies as of the end 2017.


Following the success of Windward, Tasharen started Project 5: Sightseer that aims to expand on everything Windward had to offer. Huge procedural world without loading screens, creative and progression gameplay modes, science-based resources and conversion formulas and a lot more -- with full co-op multiplayer support.



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Awards & Recognition

    Project 5: Sightseer on Steam
    Project 5: Sightseer can be found on Steam. store.steampowered.com.

    Team & Repeating Collaborator

    Michael Lyashenko
    Design / Programming / Art / UI

    Neil Marshall
    Art / UI

    Finn M-K
    Music Composer (Freelance)

    Angelo Cicero
    Music Composer (Freelance)

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