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Press F5 to switch between Strategy and Exploration modes.

How to navigate in Strategy Mode:
- Holding the Right Mouse Button (RMB) and moving the mouse moves the camera.
- Holding the Left Mouse Button (LMB) and moving the mouse rotates the camera.
- Scroll wheel zooms in and out.

How to navigate in Exploration Mode:
- Holding 'W' or the right trigger on the 360 controller will accelerate the ship.
- Holding 'A' or 'D' will steer the ship left/right (360 controller's left thumb stick).
- Holding the Left Mouse Button and moving the mouse will turn the camera (360 controller's right thumb stick).
- Pressing the Right Mouse Button or the 360 controller's 'A' button will fire the ship's cannons.

How to establish a trade route (Strategy Mode):
- Click on a town to enter the Town View.
- Click on Establish a New Trade Route button (remember, hold RMB to move around)
- Draw a path to another town by clicking on the water with the left mouse button.
- When close to another town, click on it to complete the trade route.

How to trade goods (Strategy Mode):
- Click on either one of the connected towns.
- Drag one or more of the "Surplus" icons from either town into the "Imports" or "Exports" section in the middle.
- Drag a ship from "Build Ships" window into "Owned Ships" window.
- Drag the ship you just bought from "Owned Ships" window into the "Ship Capacity" section in the middle.
- You've just assigned the ship to the trade route! Click the "Return to Game" button to watch it earn you money.

Are you a game designer that can think of a couple more ways to make the game more fun?
Are you an artist that can add new ships, props, or even weather effects?
Are you a programmer that can add ship-to-ship combat?

Well then! Make your game, and let this kit help you get started.