The Game

Windward is a fast-paced naval combat game set in the fantasy time period similar to the mid-17th century. It features a variety of different ships to choose from, different maps to play on by yourself or with your friends, randomly generated booty to discover, talents to earn, and plenty more.


  • Variety of skirmish maps with different objectives
  • Different ships to choose from
  • Experience from combat results in levels
  • Random items drop in combat
  • Full multiplayer support
  • As a fun side-feature, your ship will appear in other player's games (even single-player), so they will either praise you or curse your very name, depending on which side your ship ends up on and how uber you've made it

All of those features are already in place. Going forward, for those in search of a longer single-player and co-op experience, there will be the Campaign mode, where a huge procedural world gets generated just for you, complete with factions controlling territory that you can work with or plot against, do tasks for, discover treasure, or of course -- pillage everything in sight.

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