Jan 242012

The Next-Gen UI kit has continued its climb up the charts in the past few weeks, currently sitting at #2 up on the Asset Store — right behind the current juggernaut (the 2D Toolkit).

The upside is obvious — popular kit, selling well and most people seem quite happy with it. There is a downside though — and that’s the fact that I seem to have less and less time for anything not NGUI-related. I have a couple other projects I’d like to get started on, but all my time is being poured in making NGUI the best Unity GUI solution available. Oh well — I’m not complaining!

If anyone is curious, here are some NGUI-related stats:

  • Statistics tracking was started on December 14th.
  • Asset Store sales account for 66% of all sales, PayPal has the other 34%.
  • Asset Store sales account for 59% of the profits, PayPal has the other 41%.
  • Mondays usually sell less copies than any other day of the week: 11.26%.
  • Wednesdays usually sell the most: 18.54%.
  • Week days sorted by the number of sales: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday.
  • The most copies sold on a single day was on January 11th.
  • The least? December 25 and 26th with no sales at all.
  • The most profitable day to date was January 18th (Wednesday).
  • The least profitable week was that of December 18-25.
  • The most profitable? January 16-22.
  • NGUI sells better on weekdays, while starter kits sell better on the weekends.