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Title: onTooltip on disabled Buttons
Post by: The-Arrival on May 15, 2016, 08:07:13 AM
Hey Aren,

in my buildmenu evey buildĀ“button has a tooltip and gets disabled, when the player canĀ“t affort it. Disabling a Button the NGUI-way (so that the diffrent coloring works and such) means, that the collider gets disabled, which also will disable the tooltip.

How is this tooltip/disable buttons system meant to be used for such a case? Or do i need to build a workaround for it?

i just checked Winward. For the abilities menu i guess you are disabling those buttons not with button.isEnebaled = false, right?
Title: Re: onTooltip on disabled Buttons
Post by: ArenMook on May 18, 2016, 04:42:20 AM
I don't disable the buttons. I have 2 identical sprites, one on top of another. One is colored darker than the other, and I also have one set to be Fill type (radial fill). This lets me do a visual cooldown timer, and "disabling" it is the same as setting a cooldown to 0. In fact, it's the same code. This way tooltips and sounds work as expected also. When the button is clicked I simply check to see if it should be clickable or not before performing the action.