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Hard editor freeze.

And I'm not talking about multiple times, I can reproduce it reliably if I stop the server withing ~3 seconds.

The problem is that this is an issue that might occur if a user accidentally opens a server by miss clicking and closes it straight away. The hard delay I set is a fine workaround for now but it's in no way a proper solution.


sorry for the late reply, I had my fair share of issues with Vuforia, which delayed working on the network part.

It is just something I stumbled upon, when I did some UI debugging. I would've preferred an event to register to but your solution should most certainly work better than a fixed delay, thanks.

Unfortunately TNet.TNServerInstance.isActive does not fix my problem, since it is set true straight away when the Server is started. Like I wrote this seems like a threading issue. I will take a look at the example to see whether or not the issue is on my side (which it most likely is).

Also breaks in the example.

TNet 3 Support / Quick call of server stop results in editor/build freeze
« on: January 17, 2018, 04:40:27 AM »
Hey there,

we started using TNet for a prototype last week and yesterday I encountered freezes when I try to close the server too quickly. The worst thing about this is, that the editor isn't crashing properly, so I guess there is some weird infinite loop or a weird thread deadlock in the Stop() function of TNGameServer, I'm assuming, that Start() of the server hasn't properly finished when I call Stop().

For now I will just add a hard delay when starting up the Server I guess. Would be glad about a cleaner solution though.

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