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Hi guys
So I have a UIGrid that has contents.
         -- 0
         -- 1

The content structure looks like this
             ---UIPanel(***This UIPanel seems to create all kinds of problems)

The clipping on the problematic UIPanel is set to None. I have it there only cause of depth reasons. I need the UILabel and UISprite to be on top of the first UIPanel.

Now the problem is when I add a second entry to the UIGrid, the UILabel and UISprite on the second entry are completely off. Note that their location is correct, meaning if you were to select the UILabel or UISprite in Unity editor, the bounds as indicated by Ngui's blue dots seem to be in the correct place. However their content is off of this outlined bounds. The moment there is any sort of refresh, by resizing the Game window, Grid's execute or UIScrollView's Reset clipping plane, the contents shift to their proper position.

Any thoughts if this is a bug? Whats going on?


Hi guys
I basically am going to be getting a callback upon which I want to know whether its within my widget bounds or not.
I did GUIMath.ScreenToPixels (UICamera.lastTouchPosition,alphaPanel.transform)
I guess the numbers this returns could be checked against the widgets pixel width and height but I can't seem to find a way to get that.
Help appreciated.

Hi guys
I'm noticing that for many of my cases, after my first insert in a UITable/UIGrid the entry gets put wherever(vertically) within the clipping panel.
Its only after I do a Reset Position on the scroll view(which shifts the scrollview y upwards) does it properly move to the top.
I'm trying to figure out if others have experienced this as well or if its just me due to my setup.
The way I have it set up is

Panel with soft clip|UIScrollView(The panel has anchors defined)

I usually make it look correct in the scene(by test adding an item under UITable/UIGrid then deleting it after all positioning is done).
I sometimes wondered if some anchoring on a parent was messing things up. But irrespective of that I believe when an item gets added it calls to reset position on the scrollview right?
Shouldn't that take care of things?



So I see that if you dynamically add contents to UIGrid in your scrollview and if that content takes a bit to load up, the scrollbar is non-functional(It perhaps thinks there is not enough content to scroll).

So fine I'll call ResetPosition. But the problem is that if you call it just directly its useless. You have to wait for some time until something gets done before you can call it.

Since I don't want to just blindly wait for x amount of time I wanted to know upon what can I reliably call ResetPosition on ScrollView?


Hi guys
As I mentioned in the subject I'm trying to figure out what controls the size of the foreground sprite in a scrollbar.
I know its from the size variable but its not resizing the sprite. The sprite remains the same size but it fills varying portions of the sprite. How is this being done?

Hi guys
I have several UITables set up as children of their respective UIScrollViews. So UIScrollView and underneath it a UITable. However there is this single one which refuses to work properly.
The problem is that there is some space on top, like from the top ceiling of the scrollview's clipping panel and the top ceiling of the first row in the table.

All of them have very similar settings. I'm mentioning some of the pertinent settings. (This are the same for all of my UIScrollView/UITable combos)
1. The scrollview is of vertical kind and has content origin set to TopLeft in all the cases. I believe this will position the content properly based on clip panel's bounds right?(vertical will ignore x position). When I hit UIScrollView's "Reset clipping position" it positions the contents to top left of the UIScrollView's clipping panel perfectly, the way it should have been to begin with.
2. UIScrollView has Restrict within panel turned on.
3. UITable also has Keep within panel turned on. I have noticed that if I uncheck this, the table's position doesn't change automatically and its all messed up. But shouldn't ScrollView's restrict within panel in combination with Content origin have taken care of this?

Please help. Want to clear this once and for all.

Basically how should I go about designing ScrollViews with UITable in the editor to have the same results while running the game? My UITables and even the rows added from my prefabs are having their x changed. Need better understanding of how UIScrollViews work with UITables and what do I need to do so that the Top Left of the contents of UIScrollView are how I see them in the editor?

Hi guys
I started doing what I mentioned in the subject and looks like I have to do Reset clipping panel after the loading the scene. I'm sure there will be more problems as I get into it.
Just wondering if people have already gone through this. It would be great to have a list of dos and donts.

NGUI 3 Support / Resizing unity Game tab window shows/hides NGUI
« on: April 09, 2014, 01:04:53 PM »
Hi guys,
So here is whats going on. I have an Options menu that pops up on top of the game on a button click. In 16:10 resolution, this window is not visible. Then when I make the Game tab window larger it shows up.If I make it smaller the options window goes invisible again. Why would this happen? Whats the fix?

NGUI 3 Support / Ngui gui looks all white and washed out
« on: November 13, 2013, 08:14:19 PM »
Hi guys
So could use some help.
On one of my particular scenes, all my ngui(which looks fine on other scenes)looks fine.
I am unable to figure out why its doing that and was wondering if anyone else had a similar issue and fixed it somehow.
The only quirky things noticeable to me were
1. There were 3 cameras in the scene instead of the regular 2 that I come across.(I highly doubt it has something to do with cameras though)
2. The clear flags on the ngui camera was set to depth only instead of the usual solid color that I come across.

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