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Misc Archive / Shattered Throne, made with NGUI
« on: June 07, 2016, 11:12:14 AM »
Just released Shattered Throne today on Steam Early Access

NGUI was a major part of this project.  Many thanks to the entire Tasharen team, your support for this product is incredible and the documentation and sample scripts were referenced often and always helpful.

Thank you!

I have a project I recently updated to the latest version of NGUI (last week) and now my NGUI buttons keep forgetting their delegates.  So I have set them over again and sometimes they will work for one or two runs, but then I find it unset again (this is all within the same session).

I didn't see any other such complaints on this forum, so perhaps I am just doing something wrong.  The buttons I am setting with the issues are on Prefabs.  I have set the delegates both directly on the Prefab, as well as dragging the prefab into the scene, setting this instance and hitting the "apply" button in the inspector.  The problem continues regardless.

I think I will just end up setting the delegates in code, but wanted to post just in case their is an easy/obvious answer.

I almost didn't want to post at all, as I see how busy these boards are, and how responsive you are.  This is an amazing product, and I am amazed at the amount of energy you continue to put into it.  Thank you for this awesome tool!

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