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TNet 3 Support / Re: UnityTools reference - new install
« on: February 10, 2014, 09:38:30 PM »
I think it's that mechanim ai asset. I'd have to check again, but I'm pretty sure that was the culprit. Was a simple solution at any rate and it's all working again. I'm using latest version of unity (I always try to wait a bit before upgrading each release to check forums for news on possible issues, but up to date as of now).

TNet 3 Support / Re: UnityTools reference - new install
« on: February 08, 2014, 09:40:33 PM »
Adlm, you nailed it! That was exactly what happened - not just namespaces, but literally the same asset caused it! Whew! That was a quick answer, and for that I thank you profusely! ;)

I did a search/replace on every script I found UnityTools, and replaced with TNet.UnityTools - fixed everything.

Aren, before next update, could you do a quick search/replace for that, too? Just so we don't hit that on the next upgrade and those of us (namely me!) ;) with horribly short memory spans forget the fix?

I'm getting closer and closer to a "finished" (somewhat playable) project, and my scene/channel navigation system is coming up on my "to do" list. Would love to see what fun new updates you have been working on with TNet in conjunction with your newest game!

TNet 3 Support / UnityTools reference - new install
« on: February 08, 2014, 05:10:05 PM »
Hi Aren,
I just started a brand new project from scratch, imported my model resources, and then TNet, and keep getting this error:

Assets/TNet/Client/TNAutoJoin.cs(72,36): error CS0234: The type or namespace name `Broadcast' does not exist in the namespace `UnityTools'. Are you missing an assembly reference?

I remember earlier on with older project getting that, but for the life of me can't remember what I did to get rid of it. Does it ring any bells? I know it was something simple on my part but I'm drawing a blank now.

Thanks Aren! Glad you're back to game development! Looking forward to seeing what you're currently cooking up in your secret game lab! :D

TNet 3 Support / Re: Support for Bluetooth connected devices?
« on: October 18, 2013, 05:13:15 PM »
Congratulations on getting married!

Other Packages / Re: SGSK - TNet&NGUI Combo
« on: October 03, 2013, 09:00:58 PM »
Just purchased the SGSK - and requested SGSK/TNET/NGUI combo package (invoice #s in private message from here). I have pretty much the entire "Tasharen Collection" now... :)

Getting some "type or namespace" errors with: SGBorderedSprite.cs (30,30) , SGInputSaved.cs (8,29), and SGTiledSprite (11,30). Thinking this might be because the Asset Store version of SGSK needs to be updated with latest changes to NGUI? Thought the Asset Store version doesn't use NGUI, so I'm not sure what I have imported incorrectly in my game. :(

I'm betting the latest combo version of SGSK fixes this. Can't wait to try it out! Once I get new version installed, I'll reply back on here what the outcome is.

Can't wait to see what you have in store for us next! :)


Other Packages / Re: Multi-Purpose Game Starter Kit
« on: June 28, 2013, 08:57:17 PM »
Purchased, and AWESOME!!! Loving it! Playing with the TNET version right now and in process of cconverting one of my models using the helicopter prefab... Already have it instantiating in the example scene! Going to mod it a bit with elevation control, and a different camera/aiming system (sort of "behind the shoulder FPS mode").

This is going to ROCK! And the way I see it, it should be VERY easy to use these prefabs to add my "foot soldiers"! Too cool!!!

Question: If I were to import the NGUI and Starlink (TNET/NGUI) kits, and use the Starlink menu as first scene in build, are there any "gotchas" I should watch out for?

For example: I know NGUI uses layer 8 and 9 (if memory serves me, when setting up layers in Starlink GUI), and MPGSK also uses layers 8 and 9... Hoping this doesn't cause conflict?

This is going to be a fun weekend!!! Revamping my system from scratch now that I see how you've set up a few things here - your way is MUCH cleaner than how I had my own game hierarchy set up!

Other Packages / Re: Multi-Purpose Game Starter Kit
« on: June 26, 2013, 07:19:14 PM »
5 days... It only took you 5 days to put the MPGSK together?! You rock, Aren! I keep checking the Asset Store for it, and they're not nearly fast enough getting it online! :) What's the price going to be? I'll be adding it to my "Aren Mook" collection of Unity modules this weekend, and playing with creating terrains and blowing stuff up with my collection of models! In MULTIPLAYER! :) And can't wait to see how you set up those models so I can duplicate with my characters - the smoothing of movement across network is really going to be nice for everyone using TNET!

Other Packages / Re: Multi-Purpose Game Starter Kit
« on: June 25, 2013, 07:01:06 PM »
Aren, WHY do you keep taunting me with all this new awesome stuff?! I'm just digging into TNET, and then the TNET NGUI kit, and now this! Heck, you're practically programming the entire back end of my dream-game here! I should just sit back and wait till you make the entire thing! :D

Another kit of yours that I'll be purchasing this weekend! Keep up the great work, and now I know what you've been doing since your latest release! :)

Other Packages / Re: UI Starter Kit: Starlink (NGUI + TNet)
« on: June 08, 2013, 10:17:13 AM »
Actually, I think I found what's causing these quirks - a couple other packages I have downloaded create classes of "Player", and I think that's where the conflicts are happening. I started removing packages I "suspected" of conflicting, and it seems that might be the issue. Would be nice if packages used unique class-names, but - eh... I'll just have to scour them more thoroughly... :) Something to watch out for when combining packages from Asset Store...

Other Packages / Re: UI Starter Kit: Starlink (NGUI + TNet)
« on: June 08, 2013, 09:39:53 AM »
If using Javascript - with NGUI and TNET, I move certain folders into the Plugins folder (which works like a charm!). I purchased the UI Starter Kit, installed, and works flawlessly! Then imported TNET part - and also overwrote the BetterList.cs file with your attached file.

But, after importing the TNET part, I'm getting 2 errors:

Assets/StarlinkUI/Scripts/Custom/Misc/GameManager.cs(359,29): error CS1502: The best overloaded method match for `TNObject.Send(string, TNet.Target, params object[])' has some invalid arguments

Assets/StarlinkUI/Scripts/Custom/Misc/GameManager.cs(359,29): error CS1503: Argument `#2' cannot convert `Player' expression to type `TNet.Target'

Am I just being stupid and I'm missing moving something into the Plugins folder? It wouldn't be the first time I've missed something stupidly obvious... :D

REALLY looking forward to using this, Aren! It's VERY thorough! Just like NGUI and TNET! I've been following the forums (almost religiously!) since TNET was first mentioned - and it's amazing what you've created with these ESSENTIAL Unity tools!

Will be purchasing this weekend! This is EXACTLY what I need at EXACTLY this point in my developing game!!! Aren, THANK YOU!

TNet 3 Support / Re: Neutral Network Objects
« on: April 21, 2013, 08:27:22 AM »
Why not just check for "TNManager.isHost" for any logic on the ball code? There will always be only one host in a channel, and if ball is synced, you could pick other public vars of the ball code so all other players could access them (via their network instantiated copy of the ball) but only host actually "owns" it, and makes final judgement in logic. If host player leaves game, another automatically becomes host and logic is then controlled by that player.

Was thinking more on this... You could synch a variable like "lastKickedByPlayer" and set that variable from each player's copy of the ball, and make sure variable can be synced by all. The host logic could then, for instance, check that variable if ball hits a "score" trigger, and you'd know which player made the final kick, and scored the point. Etc... This scoring logic would be done on whichever player is currently the host. A score object could be set with points and sync he'd by all, as well. That way it's always up to date on all players, and if host changes, whichever player becomes host still has most current data to work with for game logic.

Each player has exactly the same code, it's just that the scoring and main game control logic always has to check if it is host first before executing any of it.

TNet 3 Support / Re: RequestChannelList broken in version 1.6.5
« on: March 17, 2013, 05:26:55 PM »
This is one area I'd really love to have a good tutorial/sample for. I am also getting weird results, and planned on getting back to it at some point, thinking my own code (derived from samples) was wrong. After seeing this, I'd really love to request that if someone out there has some sample code for creating a channel-list, menu system (with version 1.6.5) - could you post it? I'm about to re-start my in-game menu - but now I'm worried that I'm using a broken sample as my base-code.

TNet 3 Support / Re: Video Tutorial #2
« on: February 23, 2013, 08:36:39 PM »
VERY informative vid! I just watched it and it already cleared up a couple things I've been fuzzy on. I like the new auto instantiate function! And I saw where you mentioned using "@TNet.RFC" -- you just helped me with that one a few posts ago. ;)

Also using INTs instead of strings for RFC calls: good idea there! Code-wise, using enumerators makes good sense.

Looking forward to the next tutorials! Starting and joining channels would be another good choice (not that you haven't been bombarded with requests for that one enough already ;))...

Maybe a tutorial for combining a menu created with NGUI for selecting a channel and starting game, with a chat using NGUI and TNet - kill 2 birds with one stone and generate some really good reasons for customers to get both if they don't already have both (fat chance of that, I know - who here doesn't already enjoy NGUI? ;))...

Great job as always, Aren! Now I gotta dig in and start putting this new knowledge to use in my game this weekend!

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