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After upgrading to the newest version from 4 or 5 back I've noticed that UICamera.hoveredObject is never null so if it isn't over anything else it now reports UIRoot while previously it ignored UIRoot. I checked debug and last hit is also UIRoot if nothing else is hit.

All my widgets have panels so a panel isn't being added to the UIRoot and it reports only the UIRoot script in both debug and default inspector. Any other reason for UIRoot to always grab events?

Clearing the search field didn't do anything. I've also recreated the atlas, reinstalled ngui (running the latest version), and restarted Unity.

I'm getting a constant error in the console of "Shader wants normals, but the mesh UIAtlas doesn't have them" however all but one of my panels has "Normals" unchecked and the shader on the atlas is set to Unlit / Transparent Colored.

However, I do have a single panel that I want lit and it's "Normals" box is checked and the atlas created for just that panel has its shader is set to Transparent/ Difuse. No widgets or panels of the unlit atlas are a child of the lit panel and it only contains a single widget of the lit atlas.

Looking at the lit example there shouldn't be any problems mixing unlit and lit panels as long as the atlas widget stay separate. Any ideas? 

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