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Awesome, it works :)
It is something that will be in the next tnet update?


I have a problem with autosync >.<

I've tried following the video tutorial and made a scene with scripts that sends RFC calls for updates etc.... THAT WORKS!

But I would like autosync as well, as it would work well for rapid prototyping - except I can't get it to work! Not even when I make a whole new project and then import tnet again.

Here's what I do:

  • I start the server.
  • I add the AutoJoin example first in the build settings and then autosync
  • It connects to the server when I play and goes to the autosync scene, but only the first instance works
  • When I try it inside the editor, it gives me the error above
I have been searching and searching and I simply cannot figure it out!

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