Author Topic: are RFCs guaranteed?  (Read 1615 times)


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are RFCs guaranteed?
« on: June 23, 2014, 01:23:37 PM »
I'm fairly new to network programming, but I'm making a lot of great headway with TNet.

I have a couple of "newbie" questions, though:

  • Are RFCs guaranteed to reach all connected players on the channel? If I send out an RFC, can I safely assume that all connected players on the channel will receive it, or do I need to implement lots of fallbacks and desynch checks in case there's a missed RFC? Does whether or not the target is "saved" change the answer? (I know it would change the answer for players who connect after the RFC is sent, but does it matter for players who are already connected when the RFC is sent?)
  • Are all players guaranteed to receive RFCs in the same order? If multiple players send RFCs simultaneously, will all of the players receive those RFCs in the same order, or do I need to allow for the possibility of different players executing RFCs in a different order from each other?

A "yes" or "no" answer is OK, but I'd also love to know the reason for the yes or no so I can understand the system (and networking in general) better. Thanks!

EDIT: Based on this thread it looks like the answer to #2 is "yes", which probably means that #1 is "yes", too.
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Re: are RFCs guaranteed?
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2014, 07:25:10 AM »
1. If you send it via tno.Send, yes. If you send it via tno.SendQuickly, maybe. SendQuickly uses UDP, and it's not fully reliable.
2. Yes.