Author Topic: (Solved) Fuzzy/blurry fonts - how to get this thing pixel perfect?  (Read 2666 times)


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I've been trying to get my fonts to become pixel perfect with NGUI but so far have not been able to. As a result, they are fuzzy.

I've tried the following:
- Creating NGUI font with NGUI font maker.
- UIRoot set to PixelPerfect scaling style.
- When trying wtih Unity - Font, set to "Keep crisp: Always".
- Played with font sizes and tried altering the size.

My problem is that the font is never crisp. I've played with the unity settings for the font, I've tried making the font an NGUI font, nothing seems to work. I've tried several different fonts, this is the same problem for all of them.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Both on how to make it crisp and then keep it persistently crisp among different resolutions?

EDIT: Solved.

For some reason the atlas reverted back to trilinear filtering. Changed it back to point and problem was instantly solved. If anyone else has this issue and stumbles on this thread, look up your atlas image in the unity folder tree, set Filter Mode to Point and that will resolve your problem hopefully.

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