Author Topic: What would be the best way to clamp width/height of a UIWidget in editor?  (Read 1481 times)


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I'm making a few abstract elements that are using UIWidget for width, height, depth control and other niceties it provides. It would be really handy if I could disable and/or clamp the scene view handles that are setting UIWidget width/height, but I'm not sure if I can implement that without intruding into NGUI editor code with edits that can be purged with a framework update. Few use cases for that, to provide context:

  • Horizontal separator element that has fixed height and can only be dragged by the corner gizmos (with only width being altered while height is being clamped to a certain value) or by the side gizmos
  • Card element that can assume different layouts (empty, filled with uniform text, filled with uniform text and header text, filled with uniform text, header text and dialog buttons), which will actively enforce certain limits on minimal width and height depending on selected layout (to prohibit setting it to size that would, for example, make all text lines disappear)

So, what would be the best way to clamp width/height of a UIWidget in editor?

I can obviously do that by directly accessing those properties, but:

  • Doing so in inspector update seems to be too late, as clamping sets into effect only after you let go of a gizmo and sometime gets lots altogether if gizmos sent the last update after the inspector set the last update. There is probably a cleaner solution to override the size.
  • Doing so creates drift if the transform position was recalculated by the widget during rescale (and that's usually the case when you rescale widgets, with exception of rescaling opposite sides with side-aligned pivots)
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I would suggest setting up a git repository and making your changes there. Then you should be able to merge updates fairly easily, especially if you set up branches. Easier still if you have pro access as NGUI is already in a git repository.