Author Topic: Best practice for saving server-wide variables? (team and player scores, etc.)  (Read 1859 times)


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I'm pretty sure the answer to this is quite straightforward, but I've been busy with lots of different things and my memories of TNet's inner workings is a bit rusty. Tried a bit of searching, but that sort of failed to bring up anything interesting, so before I do something stupid, here I am.

The thread's title says it all: I'm wondering what the best way to save "global" variables is. Given that the dedicated servers in my game should behave more like any given first-person shooter's dedicated servers (though my game isn't an FPS), and not like a co-op game where the server stops existing once all players leave, I want to save stuff like team scores, and which team controls which objectives, that will then be relayed to newly-joining players.
What would be the most elegant way of storing these values? Encoding them into the TNManager.channelData string?


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Check TNManager.channelData. As an added benefit you get this data when retrieving a list of channels.