Author Topic: Crafting Kingdom - An incremental Crafting Game  (Read 3610 times)

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Crafting Kingdom - An incremental Crafting Game
« on: March 17, 2017, 03:38:27 PM »
Hi guys,

I wanted to let you know about our latest game: Crafting Kingdom. The game started as a small side project and then blossomed into a small, neat incremental crafting game.
The game is out now on Android and iOS ready for you to play. You can get it here

The game is very UI heavy. Lots of windows, buttons, and different screens. Lots of work to do for NGUI! Overall the development went very smooth and other than the sheer amount of different UI elements there were no big problems. Most things in the game are 2D, with a few screens, such as the players castle being 3D. We ended up having a setup of three cameras. A regular 2D camera, a 3D camera and an overlay camera used to render windows on top of the screen. You could do without the overlay camera , but it was needed for some of the windows which blur the 2D screen when the are being opened up.
The scene setup was pretty simple in the end:

There were a few of the usual problems related to particles and other effects on the UI. We have lots of particle effects on certain UI elements which live on different panels which might overlap each other. In the end we got it all working though with a bunch of rendequeue modifier and a bit of hacking in the right places.

There is one feature however which I would like to highlight though: The game is fully accessible. This means it can be switched to a mode which allows it to be fully played by visually impaired or blind people. Full accessibility is a thing we always wanted to try out in a game.
However, Unity doesn't support any accessbility out of the box, so we had to find some custom solutions. We have been working on an accessibility plugin for a while now and Crafting Kingdom is our first real field test to see how the tech works.
After all code was in place it took us only about 4 days to get all UI elements accessible. There were however a few spots where we needed to adjust the design. Just to give you one example: When the player is on the world map, he can sometimes find treasure chests which spawn randomly. Easy to see for your regular gamer of course. But a blind person will obviously not see the chest popping up. To fix this we added a quiet chiming sound which plays when a treasure chest is on the map which allows blind people to ‘sense’ the chest. It is things like those we did to make all aspects of the game fully accessible. Overall it was a fun task we are really curious to see what visually impaired players think about the game.

If things go well, we will try and get our plugin in the AssetStore in the next weeks to make it easier for people to make their games accessible.

So, if you like, download the game and give it a try!


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Re: Crafting Kingdom - An incremental Crafting Game
« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2017, 04:53:49 PM »
Grats on shipping!