Author Topic: Weird ProgressBar Problem ?  (Read 3750 times)


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Weird ProgressBar Problem ?
« on: February 13, 2018, 04:39:49 AM »

I have my progress bar, I set its value programatically using for counters etc...

Problem is when I update slider value ( by using progressBar.value or progressBar.set(value,true)) the label does not update, slider and progress bar sprites updates, however label text stays still. Like if it says %40 it stuck to that, but progress bar value and sprites updates. Label text is set to SetCurrentPercentage on notify as usual.

I have been using NGUI and ProgressBars for years, problem could be mine or could be about final update of NGUI, any ideas ?

EDIT 1: I did very deep testing
It seems that UIProgressBar > Set > NGUI.GetActive > mb.gameobject.activeInHierarchy returns FALSE, so notify/broadcast never fires.

EDIT 2: I think this system, not really good. Now I have to check each parent, I make sure is its activated before I set the progress bar value. It become a very long task. This was not like this before, did it become with the last update ? Do I have to activate progress bar and all its parents to set value of progress bar, just for label text update of the progreess bar ? This seems not a good logic.

EXAMPLE: Lets say, I have levels map menu with the progress bar for levels completed. I want to update all values levels, scores, progress bars before I activate the menu, now I cannot do it.

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