Author Topic: GUI looses focus if another appears behind it  (Read 6825 times)


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GUI looses focus if another appears behind it
« on: February 22, 2018, 05:13:36 AM »
Hi, I have a problem with how NGUI manages the hovering of the buttons right now. I'm developing a console title, so I need the hovering and focus on buttons for a dialogue or a gui which needs interaction. I'll explain the problem with an example occurring frequently: a dialogue appears in front of everything, cause it's a dialogue message that needs main focus over every else gui active at the moment, and it takes the focus on the OK button (which have a keynavigation component with startselected true). Now, under this dialogue, another window appears because the game is still running behind the dialogue. This window has an interactive gui, with buttons with keynavigations, and immediately takes away the focus from the main dialogue, even if its layer is lower! So, is there a way to say like: this gui gets activated but has a layer on the panel lower than the current active one and so I'll maintain the focus on the current one? Of course I can implement something myself but it feels weird that a gui framework does not take this into account...