Author Topic: Understanding the Unlit/Transparent Colored (SoftClip) shader  (Read 2255 times)


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I'm trying to figure out where you store the clipping data in the texture you use with the Unlit/Transparent Colored (SoftClip). My goal is to be able to make a clipping mask with a different shape than the basic rectangle.

So far, I've found that it has something to do with :

  1. o.worldPos = TRANSFORM_TEX(v.vertex.xy, _MainTex);

If I invert x and y, the clipping is also inverted.

Why do you get another set of UVs based on the vertex in local position? Is there a way to inspect the texture created at runtime in order to see the extra information? Thank you


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Re: Understanding the Unlit/Transparent Colored (SoftClip) shader
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2013, 01:18:45 AM »
The data is passed as a texture matrix, which is why you see TRANSFORM_TEX happening.