Author Topic: Play Starlink for free!  (Read 7915 times)


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Play Starlink for free!
« on: January 13, 2013, 11:21:29 PM »

Starlink is a Sci-Fi real-time strategy game designed for handheld devices (ideally tablets). Play by yourself against challenging AI, cooperatively with up to 5 of your friends, or even competitively against them -- whether on the same device or on multiple (over WiFi or Internet).

With procedurally generated galaxies you will never have to play the same game twice (unless you want to).

Start with a single star and spread your empire across the galaxy in a "humble" bid for galactic domination. The experience points earned by playing the game -- win or lose -- will unlock new powerful abilities to take with you that will not only tip the scales, but will also invariably change how you play the game.
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