Author Topic: Gameplay tips!  (Read 6615 times)


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Gameplay tips!
« on: July 23, 2013, 04:11:25 AM »
* Don't send more than 25 ships to any star. More than a 25 ship advantage does nothing for you.
* Spread your ships across all stars in the vicinity when they are neutral.
* Attack the AI early if you can. Don't wait to be attacked.
* Attack from several directions at once. Sending ships from one star is pointless, but 3 stars at once? Progress!
* Try to choose a starting location that's farther away from enemies, or close to only one enemy (that you can rush early)
* Always go after positive stars first (asteroids, gas cloud, comets, etc)
* Leave crappy stars for the AI (purple anomaly is great because AI can't send ships from there quickly enough)
* Think strategically about chokepoints. Don't take stars that you know can be attacked from 3 sides. Go after a star that can only be attacked from one side.
* When you have a lot of stars, turn off production on the far-away stars by tapping/clicking on them (this removes the arrow). This makes ships get created closer to the front lines.
* Send ships in a patrol route. Don't pile them on one star. If you have a perimeter, make them go around in a circle. It's better for defense.
* Speaking of defense, if you are getting attacked, cancel the star's ship redirection (click/tap on a star). This gives you a pretty hefty 30% defense bonus for all ships there.

Feel free to add any other tips. :)


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Re: Gameplay tips!
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2014, 09:39:39 AM »
ArenMook Helps me a lot  :D thanks
I just want to add more tips, Ability tips, Ability Combo and "Cause and Effect".  :)

Basic Tips/Explanation. Which is better Patriotism(2) or Propaganda(2)? Base on you game play.
If you prefer risky full force attack.
*Patriotism(2) Sounds defensive? but its both offensive and defensive.
    -Scenario. Two of your stars are connected to a single enemy star. Using full force will leave your star defenseless but you can use Patriotism to defend the retaliation of the enemy, then you have 20 seconds to make that star Neutral.
(approximately you make it Neutral in 12-18 seconds, tested 30 times)
Bad effect: You fail to make it neutral, then you have to or you need to sacrifice one of those star than... to risk them both.
If you prefer single star attack.
*Propaganda(2) Offensive.
    -Scenario. Astar and Bstar , Two of your stars are connected to a single enemy star. One of your star(Astar) is weak. You can use Bstar for attacking then use Propaganda. But wait you cant make a single star neutral in 12-18 seconds. Still try to send few ships from Astar(FEW ONLY, like 5 or 3 repeat it)
Bad effect: Just dont over send ships from the weaker star.


*Back Door(6) This is double edge sword. Offensive and Defensive.
Making a Chokepoint is important. Easier to defend but harder to attack.
Enemy captured the Chokepoint? , make an alternative link to make an attack.
   With *Last Resort(6) reconstruct each and every link suit for your game play. Also making an enemy star isolated is very very easy to capture.


*Sabotage(4) and Strike Team(5) Combo One of the awsome combo.  8)
"Paralyzing enemy reinforcements" or PAER (peer)
You can use Strike Team to teleport 25 ships to the enemy star then use Sabotage to improve ship to ship combat. Making your enemy lose twice ship every turn. This will make your enemy focus more on the star you sabotage than the others star that you have.
"Advance Capturing" or ACE (ace)
In early game you can use Strike team for capturing neutral star.
Sending 25 ships from another star consume 8-15seconds(very important in early game). Teleport...poooof!  ;)
"Interfere Capturing" or INC (Ink)
Not very useful in early game but it helps in middle part. You can use PAER on newly captured star of the enemy making then delayed for 15-64seconds to their next capture or attack.

Feel free to correct in every part of my post. (bad grammars and etc..)
I hope this will help. i cant type anymore, its hard for me to express my thoughts  ;D LOL..
I will add more soon.  :D