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« on: August 30, 2013, 03:05:00 PM »
Unity 4.1.5f1
Windows 7

1. The tab-cycle functionality of the UIInput is very spotty.  I've tried setting them multiple times.  The inspector says the object (which I've named uniquely and verified is pointing to the correct next-object for tabbing) it should work.

When running, the tab-cycle is not reliable.  I have 4 UIInputs, A/B/C/D where they are set to tab-cycle to the next one.  When running, it tabs A-C-A-C-A...   I read a forum post on a custom tab implementation, I suppose I'll have to do my own as well.

2. Why is it that occasionally I'll add a widget and just won't completely work?  I about beat my head open trying to get some UIInputs to work, but they would not let me edit them.  I eventually created a new one, and it worked.  I verified every setting I could see in the inspector against the ones that were not working and they were the same, yet... would not work (yes, I disabled the working UIInput to make sure it wasn't interfering with the nonworking one.)

3. Why are there things, such as 'showLastPasswordChar' or whatever it's called on the UILabel that are in the API documentation, but just not usable by default?  I understand I can pick through the code and change it, but... doesn't make sense really.  I do appreciate having the code access, as I just wrote it how I wanted it, I'm just curious is all.

4. I was quite disappointed to find out I have to shell out 15 bucks to easily have the UIInput have a blinking caret, move the caret around the text input, cut/paste, etc.  I would really hope/think this would be part of the default package.  I really understand things like health bars, floating text above your head, additional widget types, etc.  Those make perfect sense for people to develop/sell, but a close-to-core functionality of a text input just seems... weird.

I guess that's it.  On the upside, everything else is lovely.  I wrote a wonderful review because it's how I feel.  I wrote a massive GUI using OnGUI/GUIText/GUI and while it works... it is a nightmare to manage/understand/update at times, and the amount of time developing the most basic options screen.  I'm hoping the new Unity GUI doesn't replace this completely and my money was well spent.

Edit:  5.  When copy/pasting widgets, often the pasted object will have a UIPanel attached to it.  Is this normal behavior?  Maybe it's only when I'm pasting outside of the UI Root perhaps, I'll have to investigate further.  I've seen it happen 4-6 times now.
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Re: Issues
« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2013, 04:00:32 PM »
1. I have a feeling I know what's happening, and will add a fix in the next version.

2. "occasionally won't work" is not giving me much to go by here...

3. People kept mis-using the password options on the label, so I disabled them in inspector. Password option should be chosen on the input, not the label.

4. I've been busy with the new GUI system and haven't had time to expand the input field myself, so another lucrative person beat me to it.

5. Might have something to do with how Unity enables objects -- children before parents (which is obviously very wrong).