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Image Gallery with NGUI
« on: November 09, 2014, 03:20:12 PM »
Hi there,

i´m really new with Unity and NGUI, and i´m trying, with no much sucess, to do an Image Gallery with NGUI, just like the scrolls examples, on wich i would have the multiple images in the bottom as Sprites, and the centered sprite would be displayed bigger on top centered on the panel background. And as the scrolls roll, the bigger image on top changes also.
I´m guessing for many images it would be better to use it all in the same Atlas right?

Is it possible to have also a text for each independent image, that also changes when i scroll? a Label i guess?

Can i also have multiple NGUI´s (image Galleries) in my game, that can be access, by the same comand, but they would be diferent, depending on the position where my player is in the terrain? ( first person game so my player is actually my camera)
Maybe by proximity of a game object on the scene?

I´m testing out the NGUI free, wich by watching the tutorials is amazing, and if it does work for my project i´m puting the pro version in my project budget for sure.

I feel a bit stupid asking this newby questions, but any help would be much apreciated.