Author Topic: Seeking LA-based NGUI/Jscript/C# programmer to complete a project  (Read 2006 times)


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Hello forums,

First of all, we need someone located in the LA area as we have meetings on the weekend trying to get the last couple pieces into place so that we can meet the strict deadline we're facing.  Short version is that we're making a virtual recreation of a large music festival with a photo-sharing functionality built into it that has thus far been designed mostly with Javascript and using NGUI for the interface.  Unfortunately, our programmer/GUI person simply does not have the time available that we need to get the last couple steps in place so that we can meet our go live date, so we're stuck trying to find someone really talented who can turn around quick work with very little time.  We're prepared to offer all the money we have left in our budget which is roughly 1000-1200 dollars, as well as equity in the company itself (though we realize that you can't eat equity). 

For a talented programmer who's thoroughly familiar with NGUI and making script calls to a PHP backend, this should be a relatively easy task, but it needs to go smoothly and quickly.  Please contact me at if you are interested in discussing further--an NDA will be required before we can give you all the details of the project as the client is extremely high profile.