Author Topic: Upgraded to Unity 5.2.2 and Depths of Transparent Textures are messed  (Read 2101 times)


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My project was developed using NGUI free and Unity 5.0.0f4 version.

I had to upgrade my Unity project to 5.2.2 in order to an OpenGL related crash which was appearing in some devices. After that, while game running fine on those devices, depth of NGUI textures and font atlas is completely broken.

After a lot of hit and try, I managed to get my transparent textures drawn on top of other (without using ZWrite) by changing the queue name in "Unlit - Transparent Colored" shader to "Transparent+39". But then its drawing multiple transparent textures at same level.

For example, I do have a picture, a frame and a text label showing player's name. My depth orders are :  Picture, Frame and then Text Label. So that additional area of picture get hidden under frame texture. But now pictures are being drawn on top even if I set their depth value to lowest.

When in run mode, if I hit "+" or "-" for depth, it draw correctly. I set same values in my prefab and as soon as I apply it started showing wrong visual depths again.

If any one else faced same kind of issue, please suggest how I can solve it.