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TNet 3 is a powerful Unity Editor extension that handles game state persistence (save game functionality) as a free side-effect of networking.

  • Easy-to-use networking: sending a message is as simple as calling a function.
  • Built 100% in C# and with its core not relying on Unity at all. Comes with full source code. No DLLs.
  • Tiny in size: server builds into a ~165 kb executable that runs natively on Windows and via Mono on OSX and Linux. The server can run anywhere. Even on a Raspberry Pi!
  • Battle-tested in games on both mobile and desktop platforms. I shipped 3 games of my own that use TNet, and am working on the 4th.
  • Multiple channel support. Have a global channel for communication, then join/leave regional channels around the player while exploring the world. Objects in channels will be created when you join and destroyed when you leave them as you would expect.
  • Full persistence support. No need to save the game. When TNet is used properly, the game is saved in real-time. You can even use TNet in a single player game (without any sockets) to add real-time save game functionality.
  • Powerful Serialization functionality with its DataNode class. Think JSON/XML, but smaller, and capable of natively serializing to/from plain text, binary and LZMA-compressed formats at will.
  • The same DataNode class can even be used to export entire Game Object hierarchies or prefabs similar to how Asset Bundles work (but with some additional benefits) — for ultimate modding tools.
  • Variety of built-in handy features, such as DataNode-based object and player data that automatically syncs across the network (think player inventory), ability to save and load files on the server (server-side player saves), settable per-server and per-channel DataNodes, ban/admin lists, and much, much more.
  • Various developer tools — from convenience extensions such as object.Invoke(“function”) and object.SetFieldOrPropertyValue(“name”, value), to modding and run-time C# code compilation tools.
  • Multiplayer is easily scale-able to support many players. When Windward launched, there were over 300 players connected to TNet running on a dev machine off a regular household broadband connection (20 Mbit up). CPU usage was between 2-4% and memory usage was about 250 MB!ww323
  • Need more information? Check the Documentation page, watch the beginner’s tutorial, or join our discord and ask!


  • TNet 3 is licensed per-seat, implying one license per developer using it.
  • An alternative Professional Edition can also be acquired with the added benefit of TNet’s repository access and priority support, granting faster updates and much easier workflow when it comes to modifying it to your needs and still staying up to date. If your company requires a custom agreement signed, you will also need the Professional Edition. If you are interested, please get in touch via the contact form.

Unity Version

  • TNet supports Unity 5 and higher, building for Windows, OSX, Linux and Android. Other platforms may have limitations. iOS may not support some advanced reflection functionality, for example.

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